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NVIDIA nForce 610i/630i/720a/720i/730a/730i/750a/760i/780a/980a Chipset Driver

Date: 05/02/2011 Version: 15.57
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: NVIDIA

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista
Windows 7

Detailed Description:
-Ethernet Driver (v73.30) WHQL
-Network Management Tools (v73.25) "Sedona"
-SATAIDE Driver (v11.1.0.43) WHQL
-SATARAID Driver (v11.1.0.43) WHQL
-RAIDTOOL Application (v11.1.0.43)
-SMBUS Driver (v4.79) WHQL
-SMU Driver (v2.08) WHQL
-Installer (v8.36)

Supported Devices:
nForce MCP2S PCI System Management
nForce MCP3 SMBus Controller
nForce MCP-T SMBus Controller
nForce PCI SMB Controller
nForce SMBus Controller
nForce4 SMBus
NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator
NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management
NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
NVIDIA nForce System Management
NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller


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