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Canon PCL Printer Driver

Date: 10/29/2009 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Canon

Operating Systems:

Windows XP x64
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7 x64
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Server 2008 x64

Detailed Description:
Canon LBP-2000 laser printer version 8.70/6.70 driver for WinXP-64/2003-64/2008-64/Vista-64/Win7 released on 23th July 2010.

Supported Devices:
Canon BIJ1350 PCL5c
Canon BIJ1350D PCL5c
Canon BIJ2350 PCL5c
Canon CLC4040-H1 PCL5c
Canon CLC4040-H1 PCL6
Canon CLC5151-H1 PCL5c
Canon CLC5151-H1 PCL6
Canon CLC-iR C2620-C1 PCL5c
Canon CLC-iR C2620-C2 PCL5c
Canon CLC-iR C3200-C1 PCL5c
Canon CLC-iR C3220-C1 PCL5c
Canon CLC-iR C3220-C2 PCL5c
Canon FAX-L2000 PCL5e
Canon FAX-L2000 PCL6
Canon GP300-405 PCL
Canon GP555-605-605P PCL
Canon iPR C1 PCL5c
Canon iPR C1 PCL6
Canon iPR C1PLUS PCL5c
Canon iPR C1PLUS-T1 PCL5c
Canon iPR C1PLUS-T1 PCL6
Canon iPR C6000 PCL5c
Canon iPR C6000 PCL6
Canon iPR C6000VP PCL5c
Canon iPR C6000VP PCL6
Canon iPR C7000VP PCL5c
Canon iPR C7000VP PCL6
Canon iPR Server T1 PCL5c
Canon iPR Server T1 PCL6
Canon iR 2570C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 2570C-C2570-F1 PCL5c
Canon iR 2570C-C2570-F2 PCL5c
Canon iR 3100C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 3100C-C3100-E1 PCL5c
Canon iR 3170C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 3170C-C3170-F1 PCL5c
Canon iR 3170C-C3170-F2 PCL5c
Canon iR 3180C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 3180C EUR PCL6
Canon iR 5800C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 5800C-C5800-D1 PCL5c
Canon iR 5870C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 5880C/6880C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 58x0C-C58x0-G1 PCL5c
Canon iR 6800C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 6800C-C6800-D1 PCL5c
Canon iR 6870C EUR PCL5c
Canon iR 68x0C-C68x0-G1 PCL5c
Canon iR C2000 series PCL5c
Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL5c
Canon iR C2570 PCL5c
Canon iR C2580 PCL5c
Canon iR C2580 PCL6
Canon iR C2620 PCL5c
Canon iR C2880/C3380 PCL5c
Canon iR C2880/C3380 PCL6
Canon iR C3080/3480/3580 PCL5c
Canon iR C3080/C2880-J1 PCL5c
Canon iR C3100 PCL5c
Canon iR C3170 PCL5c
Canon iR C3180 PCL5c
Canon iR C3180 PCL6
Canon iR C3200 PCL5c
Canon iR C3220 PCL5c
Canon iR C3580/C3380-J1 PCL5c
Canon iR C4080/C4580 PCL5c
Canon iR C4080/C4580 PCL6
Canon iR C4080/C4580-H1 PCL5c
Canon iR C4080/C4580-H1 PCL6
Canon iR C5180 PCL5c
Canon iR C5180 PCL6
Canon iR C5180-H1 PCL5c
Canon iR C5180-H1 PCL6
Canon iR C5185 PCL5c
Canon iR C5185 PCL6
Canon iR C5185-H1 PCL5c
Canon iR C5185-H1 PCL6
Canon iR C5800 PCL5c
Canon iR C5870 PCL5c
Canon iR C5880/C6880 PCL5c
Canon iR C5880/C6880 PCL6
Canon iR C6800 PCL5c
Canon iR C6870 PCL5c
Canon iR1018/1022/1023 PCL5e
Canon iR1020/1024/1025 PCL5e
Canon iR105 PCL5e
Canon iR105 PCL6
Canon iR105-M1 PCL5e
Canon iR105-M1 PCL6
Canon iR105-M2 PCL5e
Canon iR105-M2 PCL6
Canon iR105PLUS PCL5e
Canon iR105PLUS PCL6
Canon iR105PLUS-M3 PCL5e
Canon iR105PLUS-M3 PCL6
Canon iR1600-2000 PCL5e
Canon iR1600-2000 PCL6
Canon iR2016 PCL5e
Canon iR2016 PCL6
Canon iR2018 PCL5e
Canon iR2018 PCL6
Canon iR2020 PCL5e
Canon iR2020 PCL6
Canon iR2022/2025/2030 PCL5e
Canon iR2200-3300 PCL5e
Canon iR2200-3300 PCL6
Canon iR2220/iR3320 PCL5e
Canon iR2220/iR3320 PCL6
Canon iR2230 PCL5e
Canon iR2230 PCL6
Canon iR2270/iR2870 PCL5e
Canon iR2270/iR2870 PCL6
Canon iR2830 PCL5e
Canon iR2830 PCL6
Canon iR3025 PCL5e
Canon iR3025 PCL6
Canon iR3030 PCL5e
Canon iR3030 PCL6
Canon iR3035/iR3045 PCL5e
Canon iR3035/iR3045 PCL6
Canon iR3225 PCL5e
Canon iR3225 PCL6
Canon iR3230 PCL5e
Canon iR3230 PCL6
Canon iR3235/iR3245 PCL5e
Canon iR3235/iR3245 PCL6
Canon iR3530 PCL5e
Canon iR3530 PCL6
Canon iR3570/iR4570 PCL5e
Canon iR3570/iR4570 PCL6
Canon iR400 PCL5e
Canon iR400 PCL6
Canon iR4530 PCL5e
Canon iR4530 PCL6
Canon iR5000-6000 PCL5e
Canon iR5000-6000 PCL6
Canon iR5000-6000-L1 PCL5e
Canon iR5000-6000-L1 PCL6
Canon iR5020/iR6020 PCL5e
Canon iR5020/iR6020 PCL6
Canon iR5050 PCL5e
Canon iR5050 PCL6
Canon iR5050-S2 PCL5e
Canon iR5050-S2 PCL6
Canon iR5055/iR5065 PCL5e
Canon iR5055/iR5065 PCL6
Canon iR5055/iR5065-S2 PCL5e
Canon iR5055/iR5065-S2 PCL6
Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL5e
Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL6
Canon iR5075 PCL5e
Canon iR5075 PCL6
Canon iR5075-S2 PCL5e
Canon iR5075-S2 PCL6
Canon iR5570/iR6570 PCL5e
Canon iR5570/iR6570 PCL6
Canon iR5570/iR6570-M3 PCL5e
Canon iR5570/iR6570-M3 PCL6
Canon iR7086-7105 PCL5e
Canon iR7086-7105 PCL6
Canon iR7086-7105-S1 PCL5e
Canon iR7086-7105-S1 PCL6
Canon iR7086-7105-S2 PCL5e
Canon iR7086-7105-S2 PCL6
Canon iR7200 PCL5e
Canon iR7200 PCL6
Canon iR7200-M1 PCL5e
Canon iR7200-M1 PCL6
Canon iR7200-M2 PCL5e
Canon iR7200-M2 PCL6
Canon iR8070 PCL5e
Canon iR8070 PCL6
Canon iR8070-M3 PCL5e
Canon iR8070-M3 PCL6
Canon iR8070-S1 PCL5e
Canon iR8070-S1 PCL6
Canon iR8500 PCL5e
Canon iR8500 PCL6
Canon iR8500-M1 PCL5e
Canon iR8500-M1 PCL6
Canon iR8500-M2 PCL5e
Canon iR8500-M2 PCL6
Canon iR85PLUS PCL5e
Canon iR85PLUS PCL6
Canon iR85PLUS-M3 PCL5e
Canon iR85PLUS-M3 PCL6
Canon iR9070 PCL5e
Canon iR9070 PCL6
Canon iR9070-M3 PCL5e
Canon iR9070-M3 PCL6
Canon iRC1021/1022 PCL5c
Canon iRC1021/1022 PCL6
Canon LBP-2000 PCL6
Canon LBP3360 PCL5e
Canon LBP3360 PCL6
Canon LBP3370 PCL5e
Canon LBP3370 PCL6
Canon LBP3460 PCL5e
Canon LBP3460 PCL6
Canon LBP5360 PCL5c
Canon LBP5960 PCL5c
Canon LBP5970/5975 PCL5c
Canon LBP5970/5975 PCL6
Canon LBP7750C/5460 PCL5c
Canon LBP7750C/5460 PCL6
Canon LC800/L3000 PCL5e
Canon MF7100 Series PCL5e
Canon MF7100 Series PCL6
Canon MF9100/9300 PCL5c
Canon MF9100/9300 PCL6


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