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Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Date: 01/13/2010 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Intel

Operating Systems:

Windows XP

Detailed Description:
Intel G35/G33/G31/G965/Q963/Q965/GM965 series chipset video card(Intel Graphics Media Accelerator) version official driver for WinXP released on Mar 2nd 2010.

What's new:

1. Embedded display support (eDP) with AUX and DPCD mandatory.
2. DVMT 5.0 Update to officially support 512 MB System Memory Configuration.
3. RCR Read Panel color depth from EDID when EDID is enabled in VBT
4. VBT bit to distinguish S-DRRS and DRRS panels.
5. Add DirectX Query Timestamp and Timestamp_Freq
6. Support External Metrics through a Pix Plugin Tool and IGPA.

Issues Resolved:

1. SpinFire Reader application may crash after selecting a view.
2. Problems might occur with DisplayPort monitor when using FSC DP/HDMI level shifter combo card.
3. While in Windows Display Property settings in the Adapter tab, the Adapter String field might display "4500M" instead of "4500MHD", after doing a driver update.
4. Shadows of objects might show blinking when running AquaMark3 under very high quality settings in demo mode.
5. When using a DisplayPort to VGA dongle, and set to dual display extended or clone mode, more than 80% percent of the screen might get vertical lines.
6. When using a DisplayPort to VGA dongle, and selecting VGA display only, the right side of the display might shake.
7. While connecting to an external monitor via DisplayPort, system might get BSOD during boot sequence at the Windows XP logo screen.
8. An ACCESS_VIOLATION might occur when using function: glGetTexImage in Windows XP-64.
9. When using two displays at different resolutions in extended desktop, a window-move might result in the window being off-screen on the target display.

Supported Devices:
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
Intel G965 Express Chipset Family
Intel Q33 Express Chipset Family
Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family
Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family


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