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Lantech WL54G-PCI Driver

Date: 04/23/2004 Version:
WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Ralink Technology, Inc.

Operating Systems:

Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP

Detailed Description:
Not available

Supported Devices:
802.11 g Wireless LAN MPCI
802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card
802.11 g Wireless LAN PC CardBus
802.11 g Wireless LAN PCI
802.11b/g Wireless Adapter
802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card
802.11b/g Wireless PC Card
802.11g 54Mbps Wireless PC Card SE
802.11g CardBus Wireless Network Adapter
802.11g MiniPCI Wireless Network Adapter
802.11g PCI Wireless Network Adapter
802.11g Wireless LAN CardBus
802.11g Wireless LAN Mini-PCI
802.11g Wireless LAN PCI
AMIT 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card
AMIT MINI 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card
AMIT PCI 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card
ASUS 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card
AT&T Plug&Share 54 Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter
AT&T Plug&Share 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter
CastleNet WP1280 802.11 g Wireless LAN Card
Edimax EW-7108 Series 802.11g Wireless LAN PC Card
Edimax EW-7128 Series 802.11g Wireless LAN PCI Card
Gigabyte WIKG mini PCI WLAN Card
Gigabyte WMKG Cardbus WLAN Card
Hawking HWC54GR Hi-Speed Wireless-G CardBus Card
Hawking HWP54GR Hi-Speed Wireless-G PCI Card
Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card
Wireless miniPCI Adapter
Wireless PC Card
Wireless PCI Adapter
WLAN 802.11g Cardbus module
WLAN 802.11g miniPCI module
ZPlus-G160 802.11g WLAN CardBus Adapter
ZPlus-G360 802.11g WLAN mini-PCI Adapter
ZPlus-G361 802.11g WLAN PCI Adapter


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