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Synaptics TouchPad Driver
Date: 05/10/2012 Version:
Size: 99.41 MB Provider: Synaptics
Operating Systems:

Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8
Windows 8 x64

Detailed Description
Bug Fixes

1. Change Win8 previous windows shortcut key to win + ctrl + backspace
2. Change left edge pull action to win + ctrl + backspace shortcut key.
3. Enable inertia for win8 demo INFs.
4. Increase right edge pull charm bar slider scale so that user can scroll to the last item from middle of the touchpad
5. Turned illumination for InterTouch if it has LED, this will make LED work correctly when the system boots to PS2 mode.
6. Put the force model in the Defaults key.
7. Use 16 more accumulation buffers for the force model; added decay to the model for easier recovery.
8. Fixed click thresholds for forcepad.
9. Schedule a thread to do StartDevice right after RedetectAllDevices for the first boot.
10. Apply WIN8 Swipe gestures to all PnPIDs in OEMConsumer
11. Add WIN8 Swipe in gestures and Turn on 97 command for SYN2C01
12. Allow second edge swipe attempt after first attemp was rejected among continuous pointing
13. Removed chiral rotate video for OEM HID.
14. Added sound when clicking and releasing buttons with forcepad.
15. Fix a bug clicking default button shink the palmcheck starting zone size
16. Added new HID to support Win8 gesture for OEM.
Supported Devices

Synaptics Composite USB HID Device
Synaptics Composite USB Human Interface Device
Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Synaptics USB HID Device
Synaptics USB Human Interface Device