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Synaptics TouchPad Driver
Date: 12/22/2011 Version:
Size: 95.78 MB Provider: Synaptics
Operating Systems:

Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64

Detailed Description
Bug Fixes

1. Correct key macros. Fine tune vertical/horizontal edge full zones. add comments to key macros.
2. Updated Win8 edge pull registry settings
3. Edge Pull Gesture changes
4. Allow the GPIO mask to be overwritten by the registry (create a SetGPIO mask fct similar to SetCapabilities...)
5. Added some code to solve 2FDoubleTap hard to trigger issue.
6. Fixed dead lock.
7. Linux build break.
8. Added Mouse Macro for 3FFlick.
9. Fixed multiple finger gesture enable/disable API does not sync with new UI issue.
10. Updated some translations for OEMWPF
11. Made default driver has 2F-scrolling start threshold not depending other 2F-gesture
12. Turned on InterTouch for specific OEM.
13. 3F Flick L/R send Message to OEM App and also take care 3F flick up/down in App plugIns.
14. Send window message based on the registery string 1st char "#' to get use RegisterWindowMessage().
15. Send Message to OEM App when 3F Flick left/right and Disable our 3F flick zone plugin for it.
16. 4 Finger gesture remapped for OEMWPF.
17. Modified customzone number to avoid duplicate.
18. Updated settings, enabled 1F H Scrolling.
19. Adjust the slider threshold for 4FFlick.
20. Fixed rollback issues after click button released in NGI/USB pad.
21. Don't ignore power state changes on PS/2 side of Intertouch TP.
22. Fixed various roll-back motion issues when button pressed or released.
23. OEMWPF.inf - OEM sliders should default in the center setting but mapped to Syna default setting.
24. Forced double click speed slider to center position for default value.
25. Enable Pivot Rotation by default on OEM1E6A and OEM1E6B
26. Added including SynHid.inf.
27. Recoverd to PS/2 device if failed to start device in SMBus mode.
28. Fixed incorrectly working buttons for 5-button clickpad
29. Tool to create cat file for 64bit package
30. Changed Enable/Disable Key as request.
31. Changed device description for InterTouch device.
32. Updated Cosating in 1 Finger Scrolling to be default enabled for OEM0310 in OEM.inc
33. Revert SMBus mode to PS/2 mode after driver uninstall.
34. Added InterTouch support and uncheck Momentum for OEM2704 in OEM2006.inc
35. Check arguments before calling xf86SetStrOption
36. Simple UI driver for profile sensor
37. Changed OEM1B56 in OEM to not support InterTouch.
38. Disabled Pinch Zoom on Win7's desktop for OEM032F, OEM0330.
39. Always force small wheel messages for testing.
40. Removed registry value settings that are the same as the defaults.
41. Added back 3F Press Configuration Button.
42. Put back CLick-And-Drag and Tap Zone Sizes on the UI
43. Turned off Palm detect for specific OEM.
44. Added Win8 demo registry settings to NGI_Test inc file
45. Added edge pull registry settings
46. Enabled multi-finger packets for touch injection zone
47. Fixed for handling multiple fingers.
48. Fixed for proper scaling.
49. created a new group for Win8 demo features.
50. Created a timer for touch injection timeout.
51. Removed the 5btn and OEM057 etc. sections.
Supported Devices